Central European Journal of Communication, Vol. 2, No 1 (2), Spring 2009

Editor's introduction: The highways and byways of "Europeanization" in the media

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The influence of the Council of Europe and other European institutions on the media law system in post-Soviet states

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media law, Council of Europe, post-Soviet countries, Russia, journalism, public broadcasting, OSCE, PACE

Bulgarian media policy and law: How much Europeanization

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Europeanization, media policy, media law, approximation, Bulgaria

Formation of Estonian broadcasting landscape 1994-2007: Experience of the transition state. Impact of the EU legislation on the Estonian television broadcasting since mid 1990s

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Public-service broadcasting, European Union, media policy, Estonia, media market

Of Polish politicians and (their) media. The pursuit of regulatory agency independence in Polish media law and practice

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media, broadcasting, regulation, independence, Poland, politics

The country of origin principle and competition among national regulatory régimes in East Central Europe

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EC media regulation, country of origin principle, Hungarian, Czech, Romanian media regulation

The impact of democratic conditionality on policy-making in Turkey: Minority rights and the politics of broadcast regulation

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Conditionality, Europeanisation, Turkey, broadcasting, minority rights

The Romanian media market: Juridical and economic aspects

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media market, trustization, political influences, property, EU rules

On the way to dumbing down… The case of Central Europe

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Central Europe, Western Europe, foreign ownership, German publishing houses, entertainment journalism, EU enlargement, commercialization/tabloidization, “dumbing down”

EU structural funds' publicity and the practice of journalism and public relations in Lithuania

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EU structural funds, publicity measures, media, public relations, journalism ethics, advertorials

Digital switchover in Hungary. European policies and national circumstances

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digital switchover, European audiovisual policy objectives, national strategy, market forces, social and cultural environment, regulatory role

EU regulatory framework and the political economy of terrestrial digitalisation in Slovakia Contributors' biographies

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EU, terrestrial television digitalisation, political and economic infl uences, regulation of ownership and competition, deregulation, digital law, Slovakia, Czech Republic


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