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Ukrainian journalists’ perceptions of unethical practices: Codes and everyday ethics

  1. Anastasia Grynko


The goal of this study was to explore the nature and variations of media bribery practices, as Ukrainian media practitioners perceive them. Three focus group discussions were conducted with Ukrainian editors and leading journalists. The qualitative data provided evidence of the existence of both direct and indirect influences at three levels: interpersonal, intra-organizational, and interorganizational. Although Ukrainian journalists consider media non-transparency to be unethical, they tend to justify direct and indirect influences. Bribery on an interpersonal level is often related to the personal decision of each media professional and is connected with personal professionalism, responsibility and reputation. Nevertheless, journalists feel less responsible for the practices of indirect influences on both intra- and inter-organizational levels. They perceive them happening beyond their personal decisions and that is why they rarely counteract them.

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Central European Journal of Communication

Vol. 5, No 2 (9), Fall 2012

Strony od 259 do 274

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