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Media for Russian language minorities: The role of Estonian Public Broadcasting (ERR) 1990–2013

  1. Andres Jõesaar
  2. Maria Jufereva
  3. Salme Rannu


This article aims at exploring the ways in which Estonian Public Broadcasting (ERR) tackles one specific media service sphere; how television programmes for Russian language minorities are created in a small country. For that task development of the whole Estonian media landscape must be overviewed. By referring to McQuail’s (2010) theoretical framework of media institutions’ influencers, this article investigates how media policy, economic conditions and technology have influenced these processes. The article gives an insight into the development of Russian language media in such a small media market as Estonia.

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Central European Journal of Communication

Vol. 7, No 2 (13), Fall 2014

Strony od 253 do 272

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