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The global society and its impact on public relations theorizing: Reflections on major macro trends

  1. Chiara Valentini
  2. Dean Kruckeberg
  3. Kenneth Starck


This article contributes to the discussion on societal changes and their impact on communication disciplines by focusing on public relations and its role in contemporary global society. The thesis is that the public relations profession has been affected by contemporary societal changes that challenge the existing body of knowledge and its underpinning theories. To understand the role of public relations in 21st century global societies and pursuing future public relations theorizing, the authors argue it is paramount to comprehend which factors at macro, meso, and micro levels lie beneath the substantial changes in today’s global society. The article presents and reflects on four major macro trends of contemporary global society and concludes with suggestions for future directions for public relations scholarship and practice that are rooted in the concept of community and the idea of being part of and at the service of a community.

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Central European Journal of Communication

Vol. 9, no 2 (17), Fall 2016

Strony od 229 do 246

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