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The outsiders looking in!: EU and diaspora journalists’ reflections on journalistic roles in British press coverage of the EU Referendum

  1. Olatunji Ogunyemi


Scholarly research into journalists as a subject of study is increasing. Through this, scholars found there is no consensus among journalists about journalistic practice. This is because journalistic roles are discursively recreated, reinterpreted, appropriated, and contested. The coverage of the EU referendum in the UK provides an opportunity to further explore journalistic roles through a focus group of EU and diaspora journalists and academics. The study reveals that participants were critical of the roles played by the British press in the coverage of the referendum and that they were concerned about its effects on their physical and emotional well-being. Hence, they urge media organisations to offer support and training to redress these concerns. In conclusion, the study provides an in-depth and intense probing of journalistic roles and their eff ects in relation to the coverage of the EU referendum.

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Central European Journal of Communication

vol. 11, No 1 (20), Spring 2018

Strony od 39 do 55

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