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The Romanian media market: Juridical and economic aspects

  1. Andra Seceleanu


The Romanian media market: Juridical and economic aspects

Media market has suffered a radical transformation since 2004 and the effects of the investments are seen as a subject of controversy. The first unwanted consequence is the influence that the media moguls have on public opinion by means of the press empires they own, while the second unwanted consequence is one of global type that refers to the limitation of the pluralism of expression by means of “trustization” and “tabloidization.” Not interfering with ideology, the concentration of media property reduces the cultural differences and the political opinions that are present in the spectrum of the means of information. Mass media in Romania has gone through radical changes of property and editorial direction since 2004. The most controversial aspect remains the insurance of a balance between pluralism and competition. All relevant domains for transparency refer, in the majority of cases, to the national regulations and do not involve European Union, except at the formal level.

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Central European Journal of Communication

Vol. 2, No 1 (2), Spring 2009

Strony od 115 do 131

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